Some more verse form our resident Bard, Tony Peters.
 Marriage Guidance is pointless when offered to those
Newly wed couples living in a manner they chose
For newly weds can escape their spouse
And leave for work and leave the house
Thus conflict’s averted and when they return
All is sweetness until stomachs do churn.
For it just human nature to have its one’s own way
And if compromise is needed to have the last say.
When help is most needed its later in life
On retirement to share with one’s “trouble and strife”.
Two in the kitchen and routines to decide
It’s a recipe for friction with nowhere to hide.
Come now Marriage Guidance with advice of a sage
We thought it would be blissful in our old age
It’s a whole new ball game for us to master
If we are to survive and avoid disaster.
Just when we thought we had found a good way
For peace and tranquillity seemed here to stay
Along comes a virus and self isolation
To test us to distraction with no consolation
No family orfriends to relieve the tension
Being confined to four walls and undivided attention.
The TV and books should give some respite
But do they satisfy everything well? .. Not quite.
For Society at large with no possibility to entertain
Not pubs, nor sports or churches to sustain
They quickly divide those who have and have not
Bringing out the best and the worst of the lot.
The contrast is marked between how we behave
While communities unite the afflicted to save
There are those who exploit, not to help us recover
But for their sole benefit with no care for another.
When all this is over will we all learn the lesson
Or must we endure yet another session.
Let’s build on the warmth from mutual empathy
Shown by so many at this time for sympathy.
Not just with neighbours but folk quite unknown
Who by helpfulness and their kindness shown.
Even those countries not normally close,
Animosity forgotten, new friendships arose.
If only we could extend this to the environment
The world could be safer and become more content..
We might even survive as a race much improved
In harmony with all the Creator imbued.
A Poem by Tony Peters
Hermits often chose a cave to contemplate this life
With community support in lieu of a wife
No overheads or burdensome chores
left even more time without in-laws.
In convents past, ladies could retreat
to get those men from under their feet
and worship solemnly without laughter
a guaranteed place in the hereafter.
But now, we’re told we’ve lost our voice
to stay at home and without choice.
This alien existence soon starts to grate
for getting out was our escape.
Community support is no substitution
and sooner or later will come retribution
For “doing our thing” was our human right
and this situation just adds to our plight.
For couples the test is even more stressful
trying to stay patient and mutually respectful
The extrovert learns that to be too jolly
can turn out to be the height of folly.
The introvert likewise can sink in despair
for the partner that’s danger to be treated with care.
To stay sane and healthy if bonded by marriage
Is deserving of honours with full horse and carriage
But for one on your own its all trials and tribulations
and almost no visits from friends and relations.
For sharing this burden with just a book or TV
and those household chores that stop you being free.
Where will it all end is what everyone fears
and what comes hereafter to keep us from tears.
The economy is finished and how to compete
To enable us poor folk to get back on our feet.
a Poem by Tony Peters
Who would have thought four months ago
Covid 19 would have us in its throw
Chinese New Year it tried to spoil
Despite their efforts it to foil.
And now the West has followed suit
With Coronovirus in pursuit.
It knows no boundaries, affecting all
Within its path, we all could fall
A victim to its wayward whim
Our population so to trim.
Or is it all some cunning plan
by Nature, to send us down the pan.
Yet there seems hope to save the day
If only we can learn the way.
The East has learned which way to go
It’s now our turn to act and show -
That all the world can act as one
And learn from this how things be done.
If all humanity came together
We could work with nature and the weather.
To co-operate and end all conflict everywhere
And help whoever calls the shots up there.
Just stop all trying to go a different route
And in the process our foot to shoot.
The end