Eddie was born in Conwy in July 1934 and was educated in the town. When he left school, he served his apprenticeship as a joiner. During this time, he also became a part-time retained fire-fighter.

Eddie did his National Service in the Royal Air Force spending most of his time in Germany. It was whilst in the Air Force that Eddie learnt how to drive heavy goods vehicles – and he loved it.

When Eddie completed his National Service, he worked as a self-employed carpenter.

Eddie married Edna in 1956 and they lived here in Conwy and had two children – Linda who was born in 1960 and David in 1962.

In the late 1960’s Eddie became a self-employed haulage contractor. He had continued his involvement with the fire service and rose to become the Station Officer here in Conwy until he retired when he was 55.

In the early 1980’s he joined Solar Glass in Llandudno Junction as a driver until he retired in 1999.

He then became a part-time exam invigilator at the school where his daughter, Linda worked, and he did this for several years.

Sadly, Eddie’s first wife Edna died in 1993 but he met Elsie at St John’s and they married in 1997.

When it comes to talking about Eddie’s hobbies and interests the only way to do this is by giving you a list!

Eddie had a lovely voice and was a member of the Cor Meibion Maelgwyn Male Voice Choir, he also played B flat base in the Conwy Town Band. His interest in local history led him to being a member of the Aberconwy Historical Society. He was Chairman and a member of the committee and a staunch supporter of the society for many years and will be greatly missed by the members.

 During his lifetime, he also belonged to St John’s Ambulance, the Fire Brigade Society, the retired Fire Officers Society and the Railway Society.

Eddie was a keen model-maker and collector - fire engines where his first love. His family say of him that if “it was red and moved he wanted it”! And his large collection of fire service memorabilia is witness to this. But Eddie also collected buses, trains and steam engines.

Above everything though Eddie was a family man. He was very proud of his children and grandchildren and all that they have achieved.

Elsie speaks of Eddie as a most supportive and loving husband and his children, Linda and David, told me how much they valued Eddie’s love and care – he was always there for them. The grandchildren and step grandchildren clearly loved spending time with Eddie – he was very special to them all.

Holiday were always important to Eddie and the family. When Linda and David were young it was caravan holidays, mostly in Europe, that are remembered and then Elsie remembers trips to Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Germany, Ireland, and Scotland - to name but a few places.

Eddie had lots of friends within the societies that he belonged to, among his neighbours and here at church. Many of them have spoken to me of his fine qualities.

Friends and family speak of Eddie as a gentle man, quiet - yes even reserved and shy at times - caring, sociable, kind, generous, trustworthy and loyal.

He was never one to brag or boast, he didn’t need to be the centre of attention, nor did he ever push himself forward. He was a man who would help anyone if he could and he was practical and conscientious – a man of integrity.

I know – I haven’t even mentioned yet the one thing that many of us will particularly remember Eddie for – his sense of fun, the twinkle in his eye and his stories. He made us laugh and brought us joy through his cheerfulness. He was a joker to be sure.

 At St John’s Methodist Church Eddie was a valued member. Not many will know that he was a Sunday school teacher in his teens, but will remember his work as a property steward using his skills as a carpenter – the cross, the dado rail in the hall and the sky-light in the entrance hall - are all testimony to his practical abilities. Others will remember his willingness to offer lifts to folk who could not easily get to church.

Eddie was a lovely man – and so say all of us. We all have our memories of him and our reasons to be thankful for his life.

Now we ask that he may rest in peace and may God bless him now and always.

The Aberconwy Historical Society would like to express our thanks to Rev David Ray for allowing us to use Eddie’s Eulogy

from his service on 26th April, 2021