Thoughts from original meetings


Society's moto     "Something to tell Something to learn"

It should be a record of how our forefathers faced up to life

and enriched their heritage, and it should also concern the

way of life of the present generation to which we ourselves

are contributing.


First one from Minutes of the meeting 2nd November 1951

Conwy Parish Magazine of 1882 referred to a census taken

of attendance at all religious places in the parish on Sunday

evening 1st January 1882. This showed that the seats available

in the various places of worship totalled 2,580. The population

of the parish, at the time was 2,287. So more seats than people.

As the attendance on that night was 1,147 roughly half the

population that evening went to Church.

Very different today.


Meeting in February 1952


This is from the meeting 7th February 1952

This is about the punishment of crime in Elizabethan times.

In 1589 at the Court of Quarter Sessions,   a certain Hugh

Rowland was convicted of breaking into and robbing an orchard

in Gyffin.

The court's sentence was that Rowlands should pay within

10 days, 20 shillings as satisfaction to the gentleman whose

orchard he had robbed.   He was also to pay 10s to the

Churchwardens of the Parish of Gyffin to the use of the poor

of the Parish, the 10s to be distributed among the poor in

white bread on three Sundays at the Church door after service.

If Rowlands did not pay he was to be taken by the constables to

the town of Caernarvon and after being stripped to the waist

he was to be tied to a cart drawn by a horse and whipped along

the High Street on market day "till his body be bloody."